Design brochures. Creative leaflets - examples of work and development


Booklet - this is a piece of paper folded and sealed on both sides. A4 standard format considered, the value of which is in millimeters - 210 x 297, and A3, in millimeters - 297 x 420. Number of folds (folds) may be 2 or more, their number depends on the size of the booklet. You can fold booklet concertina folds into a parallel or counter-volvulus, etc. The origin of the word is of French origin and came from the word (bouclette), which means a ring, folding and twisting.

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Flyers - examples of work and design development


Flyer - sometimes even used the name of the flyer. Flyer or leaflet is considered to be one of the types of printed promotional products. Printing can be a two-sided and one. There are several standard sizes: 100 x 210 mm - often referred to as the size of the leaflets (flyers). Not less popular are: A6 value which is 148 millimeters x 105 A5 in 148 x 210 millimeters, as well as A4, the value in millimeters of 210 x 297 mm.

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Design calendars, calendars - Development and examples of work


Calendar - one of the promotional printed products, which calculates the time of year, month, week. There are several types of calendars: handheld, table (house), wall, quarterly. Standard size pocket calendar format is 100 x 70 mm. There are several varieties of desktop calendar: on the spring changeover with leaves, on a spring without the flip. Wall Desk Calendar can be several formats: A3, A2 and A1. Variety quarterly calendars: one spring with a calendar block for 3 months, in three springs with one substrate and three springs with separate substrates.

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Postcards - examples of work and design development


The card - a very popular form of printing products. It has long been considered an open letter that is sent without an envelope. In today's world, is a postcard sheet of any format and size with the application of different images. Postcards are of various kinds: official - to colleagues, partners, and are not official - for family, friends and acquaintances.

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Design labels - examples of work and development


Label - the element of advertising printing, on which there is the trademark (logo), the manufacturer, product name, expiration date and the date of manufacture. labels, tags or labels are printed on plain paper, cardboard, often printing on selfglue or metallized paper and other. Relative to the size and shape of the product - there is no framework and no restrictions. The shape and size depends on the products for which the label is used.

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Design business cards - examples of work and the development of business cards

Business cards

Business card (business card) - a rectangular sheet of conventional design or cardboard, plastic or paper. It has several standard sizes. The most popular is 90 x 50 mm, is executed in a horizontal or vertical style. Public use is still the size of 85 x 55mm. No less popular 85.6 x 53.98 mm, that also corresponds to the size of a credit card. Another one of the standard, but less popular size is 74 x 52 mm. Distinguish between these types of cards: personal, corporate and business.

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Packaging - design development and examples of work


Packaging - packaging, envelope, intended for preservation, protection and promotion of the product contained within. Perceived as the face of the brand and the product manufacturer. Manufactured in different sizes and from different materials: microcorrugated, corrugated cardboard, paper, cardboard varying density polyethylene, and more.

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Posters, flyers - design development and examples of work


Poster - printed product mainly of large format A3 (297 x 240 mm) and up to A0 (841 x 1189 mm). The origin of the word is German and French roots of the word Plakat and Placard, Plaquer, which translated means - poster or advertisement, or glue to stick. has advertising or promotional nature, with a bright eye-catching image and some text.

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Billboard (billboard) - examples of work and design development


Billboard - kind of outdoor advertising which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Bigbord yet. The word comes from the English - Billboard. Billboard - it's great billboard? Th size are classified by the number of sides with the application of an advertising or promotional information. The most common one-sided, but there are two, three or even four. The main dimensions are considered the format of 6 x 3 meters such as 18.1 x6, 1 meter.

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Nesting multiple publications

Desktop publishing (DPT)

Desktop publishing - the process in printing, where the text is linked with graphic elements, consistent collection of text, pictures, and all sorts of design elements. In other words, the formation of bands edition (pages). Nesting is of several types: the magazine, book, newspaper and jobbing. Jobbing type accommodates such items as: posters, leaflets, scythes, brochures, etc.

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Menu design for cafes, restaurants and bars


Menu - as for printed products is a kind of brochure or separate sheets with a list of dishes offered by the restaurant, cafe, etc. From the specially formed set of dishes and drinks. One of the meanings of the menu is the interface elements of any site.

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Diplomas, certificates and podyakі - design development

Diplomas / Certificates

Diploma - a written document that has long stood out as a reward for its success in business. Diploma, diploma or certificate is issued for services and serves as a kind of promotion. Also, the official sheet value at which the power handed ownership than ever. Sometimes the word diploma is not used in the literal sense. If you want to say that a certain document has no force from a legal perspective - that such a document could be called - useless scrap of paper. The document is not clear content, can be called - a Chinese puzzle.

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Logos and examples of work


Logo - a graphic element, indicating the company name, trademark, or a separate legal entity, which is an ideogram or stylized letters. Its purpose is the identification of the masses and the market. Serves as the distinctiveness of the product line between the other products the same industry. There are several types of selected logo: the name of the mark in the graphic original style, font style in the form of letters - the logo and sign, and the name together - corporate unit.

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Vectorization of raster images the order, as well as examples of work


Vectoring - the conversion of raster images into vector. The process is called the contrary - rasterization. Outline, vectorized image can be in any vector program and in several ways. There is the usual delineation lines and with Mash. Vectorize can be everything from a simple logo to your pictures or any raster image. Vector images can be scaled to size restrictions and without loss of quality. Images composed with pixels (total pixels) is called - a raster. Images composed with the vectors (formulas) is called - vector.

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Retouching, correction and photo restoration


Retouching - from the French Retouche, which translated means correcting photos (pictures, images, etc.). In Latin, the word Redactus, which means bringing the images in order, make changes in the original image. Retouching implies a any changes to the original image and any raster element. Changes of this kind: the elimination of defects of the skin, extra parts, restoration of old photos, spots and blemishes, in general, anything that interferes with photos become perfect. With the help of retouching betrayed a better look. Also can be attributed to the retouching and photomontage use all sorts of effects.

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