Good day!
First of all, introduce myself.
My name - Natalia.
I was born in May 1984 and I live in Dnepropetrovsk.
I am engaged in business which madly in love!
I - a graphic designer in the printing industry, as well as designer-coder.
On Education Technology and publisher.

If you need a design, you have come to the right place. I've been around a long time engaged in the development of various types of promotional products. The level of my work you can appreciate viewing sectionportfolio,which is constantly updated.
The main areas of my work are:
* Logos and branding;
* Design of ad units in multi-edition;
* Layout and design of advertising production;
* Design brochures, flyers;
* Retouching, color correction, photo-montage;
* Vectorization of raster images (drawing);
* Preparing layouts for printing (pre-press);
* Imposition.

Since childhood, was fascinated by drawing, in school days went on drawing courses, but the formal art education and has not received, unfortunately, well, maybe fortunately. I started my design expertise at the end of the school in 2001. The craving for self-education and self-expression led me to get acquainted with the basics of design and layout. What eventually evolved into a fascinating process of study and the first paper. Starting excursion into the country design was the work of the positions of the designer of outdoor advertising. But since 2003 began my journey designer printing industry, which pleases me to this day. I have not just practical skills in the design, but also perfectly familiar with the technology of production of printed products.
In 2009 she graduated from the "Ukrainian Printing Academy" at the faculty "Computer technologies and systems of publishing and printing industries."
During this time, I nabyla professional knowledge package Adobe (In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat and more), Corel. At this point in the process of learning Preps, and have a desire to learn to be fluent in 3DMax, Maya, Blender and more.
All of my experience, knowledge and immense love for the profession allows me to do the work of a good standard and in so many different ways and styles.
If you have a desire to work with me, you get: a responsible, punctual designer performing work always within the specified period. I am diligent, I love order and system in action. If necessary, willing to compromise. I appreciate your work and your time, and I respect other people's work. It is easy to succumb to learn, and I want to always learn something new. More about you can not say that I do not aspire to be better than anyone either, it's important to me to be better than yesterday. What is the main thing is that I love the design! I'm totally passionate about it, it's practically my life! I want my passion brought pleasure to me and to others. It's always nice when the customer is truly satisfied with the work performed. My profession is not just a means of making a profit - it is an opportunity to realize your creative ideas to life, to create beautiful things continue to grow professionally. With the purpose, has arisen in my mind, I surely go for it. In order to reach the planned height, I could not afford to say, I did good! And not stopping there again to set goals, objectives, develop and move steadily forward.
If you liked my work, and you want to come to me with a proposal for joint cooperation, section«Contacts» send me a message and I will answer you as quickly as possible.

Very grateful to you for stopping by and spent time on my website.
Always glad to help!
Regards Natalia!