Welcome to all those who decided to plunge into the exciting, interesting journey through charuyuschemu design world, and in particular traveling through the pages of my life! My name is Natalia - I'm a graphic designer. I belong to the ranks of those lucky people for whom work is not just a career and hobby, way to express yourself and hobby. I believe that our world is very diverse and multi-faceted, each of us express ourselves in different ways: through poetry, painting, music, dance, etc. You can create beauty in different ways. The main thing - is to build and create! Gives me the opportunity to design. Natka.in.UA - this is a site that collected portfolio of my work in the field of design and layout printing. Here you can see and appreciate my creations, learn a little about me, and find information on how to contact me. Very sincerely hope that the journey of these pages, will be useful for you, and most importantly an enjoyable pastime.

Label - it is an integral part of a product or products. Labels come in various types and sizes. As can be printed on plain paper or on the metallized or on selfglue etc. The varieties include labels, stamps, stickers, anything that is placed on any article of manufacture and carries information about it
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Packaging - this word in today's world no longer surprise anyone. Well, let's define all the same thing - that is the packing and why it is needed. Packing in the functional purpose of the goods is considered to be the outer shell, which is used for the preservation and protection. But the more intimate and familiar to the buyer is the perception of the image of product packaging, the face of the brand.
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When meeting people on the street who hand out various leaflets and booklets advertising of any sphere of activity, you were asked the question whether, and what of that booklet, what it is and its advantages over other types of promotional products. Booklet - is almost the best way to inform your potential customers about what you do, what products and services to offer.
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